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Nurse Call Systems

Southern County Care Group Ltd can supply, install and maintain all types of Nurse Call Systems, we are THE approved dealer of the Intercall range of Nurse Call System;

intercall 600

The Intercall 600 system is currently the best-selling non-speech nursecall system in the UK, and the only one to be recommended by the National Care Association.

Its success is in its simplicity: The Intercall 600 system is easy to install with a simple two-wire system and can be fitted to existing wiring. It is designed to be completely user-friendly for both staff and patients alike. What’s more, with five call levels, programmable text.

The Liquid Crystal Display units give clear textual indication of call priority, location and the identity of the caller, together with audible indication of the call type. All compatible to your existing computer for monitoring and complete peace of mind.


intercall 700

The Intercall 700 Nurse Call System has all the advantages of the Intercall 600 Nurse Call System but has the added benefit of the speech facility between Call Points and Displays and between all Displays.

The Intercall 700 Nurse Call System is one of the most flexible and comprehensive care management System in the world and offers a wide range of easy to use triggering devices for the patient and residents.

Intercall IP Power Supply third Generation Nurse Call Systems

This Power Supply is supplied with all Intercall Nurse Call Systems and this is a third generation System which offers you a huge amount of advantages.

The Evolution of Nurse Call System

1st Generation- Bell and Buzzer Electrical System- circa 1950’s
2nd Generation- Microprocessor Based System- circa 1980’s
3rd- Generation- Internet Software based Systems enabling integration into modern IP Based Systems.

Intercall latest IP based technology provides significant features and benefits over older style systems by providing a simple web based user interface. From this interface a whole range of data can be programmed, viewed, recorded or stored in a single system. What adds more value to this technology is it becomes a common platform for integrating other building management systems such as Fire Alarms, DECT phones, Pagers, CCTV & Access Control etc.

Please contact Southern County Care Group to discuss you requirements with regards to Nurse Call System, designing a System around drawings of coming to your home at your convenience to demonstrate the System and carryout a full survey and provide you with a written quotation at no cost to the potential customer.

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